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I leave, you stay

I love, you lust

I travel, you pray

Secrecy does not lead to trust


Of age, I mourn

With youth, fear reigns

Bereft, I scorn

Calm and nonchalant I must feign


Pride hurts, heart torn

Past love, scars deep

Hope held, mind worn

Trying in vain not to lose sleep


Shy smiles, hot flesh

Damp skin, no care

Strained soul, warped mesh

Why does this seem so damn unfair?   


To stop makes sense

Each time, hurts more

Grit teeth, jaw tense

Plastic visage helps me endure


You leave, I stay

Bare seat, tight chest

Silent angst, nerves fray

I hope in time my heart will rest.

Photo from: http://keturahweathers.theworldrace.org/?filename=og-love