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I have decided to chart 2013 in weeks to see the peaks and troughs throughout the year. I am intrigued by how moods, creativity and motivation fluctuate, and am indulging myself in this experiment to see what I discover about myself and my writing. It is part diary, part self-exploration.


Mild depression at the thought of returning to work. Realisation hit that Christmas is over, and it is time to start all over again with a whole year ahead. Discovered playing cards on the street, wondered if this was a sign of good things to come or just wishful thinking. Eyes out on stalks with a mild migraine after ‘The Hobbit’ in the IMAX, loved it despite some of the strange effects. Got over the Everest sized hump in my novel progressing to the next chapter. Spent the day in Ballymun doing research for short story ‘Wasteland’, the perfect empty and stark setting. Reread short film script out loud. It is not good. So much work needed my head is spinning. Welcomed friend’s new addition to the world; Ruby, Ruby, Ruby (with melody attached)…..

Shakiness aside c’mon 2013, I am ready.