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week 3This week was a strange one. It seemed to rise and fall as if driving a car over speed bumps. It was a mixture of emotions, as on the one hand I celebrated a one year anniversary with my boyfriend, on the other someone close to my family died.

It affected me more than I thought it would and I found myself floundering at the knowledge. It may sound stupid to say, but the finality of death never really hit me before. Intellectually of course I know that to die means you are no longer around, but emotionally it seems too vast to comprehend. That person whom you cared about will never be around again, will never visit or have a conversation. They are severed from you and survive only in your heart and head.

Needless to say writing was difficult this week. I just couldn’t seem to get my head into it. Although I did have a small success of rewriting a short story in 2nd person and enjoyed the experience. Using ‘you’ was liberating somehow. Another chapter was also rewritten for my finished novel so it is taking a new shape…very slowly.

February, you will be most welcome…