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number 20 in paperclips

Photo by Clodagh O’Brien

I was thinking about what motivates me to write along with what stunts me. It is a tricky tightrope and one that requires dedication, a lot of tea and a little bit of madness! I wanted to share these 20 confessions of writing including the writers that have inspired and the ones I wish would just take a very long holiday, to a volcano or something…

5 reasons I write:

  1. It’s the best way I have found to express myself.
  2. I adore words.
  3. When it’s right, small explosions go off inside (it may be called pride!)
  4. I can lose myself in a character, setting, idea or paragraph.
  5. I never fail to be surprised to where it can bring me.

5 things that stop me from writing:

  1. A lack of self-belief.
  2. Fear it just won’t be any good.
  3. A scorching day.
  4. A sudden burning desire to clean my flat!
  5. A resistance to just letting it flow.

5 writers I wish I had on speed dial (even if two of them are impossible to reach):

  1. Roald Dahl
  2. Jonathan Safran Foer
  3. Angela Carter
  4. J.K. Rowling
  5. Neil Gaiman

5 writers I wish would go away (or at least take a very long holiday):

  1. Stephanie Meyers
  2. Sheila O’Flanagan
  3. E.L. James
  4. Dan Brown
  5. All celebrity autobiography ghost writers

If you have any confessions or have found writers that inspire or annoy, please share.