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Photo by Clodagh O’Brien

This week seemed to take off. From a bumpy 3rd week I didn’t really know what to expect, although I hoped it could only go up!

On Wednesday morning I found out that I was longlisted for the Doire Press 2nd Annual Fiction Chapbook Competition. It was a great surprise and boost to a dreary enough 2013. It’s a success to add to the other ones over the past two and a half years of writing, which I find are made even sweeter as their numbers pale in comparison to the rejections that are stockpiled in a filing cabinet called ‘never mind’ in my brain.

In addition to that I went to London. A great city I lived in for a number of years and always visit with eagerness and leave with a heavier heart. Its vibrancy cannot be matched. At least not anywhere I have lived, bolstered by the fact I have so many great friends there that I miss. It’s funny how you can be away from somewhere for 8 years and yet still be connected to it in a way that never dulls. That umbilical cord is going nowhere!

Along with that there are a few other stories and poems being published in various magazines and anthologies over the next few weeks. One of which – Poetry Bus (Issue 4) – I hope to be reading at tonight.

So February is treating me well. I just hope it’s not a glitch or an anomaly. Hopefully all of it is bringing me that much closer to becoming a full-time writer. Bit by bit I seem to be nudging forward in the right direction and that is nothing to complain about.