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number 5

Week 5 was a feast!

This week was full, so full it was difficult to fit everything in. One of my poems was included in the great publication Poetry Bus which was launched in Wicklow last week. I travelled to the event to read and was part of a great night full of music and poetry that welcomed over 100 poems into the world. In order to get there I had to complete and exam in 20 minutes and run out the door, managing to nearly take the door off its hinges as I did so!

In another publication victory, I had a flash fiction piece published in the online magazine Wordlegs called ‘Cherry Wishes’, a fab publication that features young and emerging writers gearing up to celebrate it 3rd year. The inclusion keeps me believing I am young!

Writing wise things were accomplished, although not as I envisaged. A new short story set in Ballymun is edited and ready to find a home, while another took shape at my writing group. It’s a story that came from a nugget of an idea and played out on its own with little interference from me. It is a tragic tale with a twist and makes me wonder if a comedic story will ever run from my fingertips. Why is it easier or more natural to write about the dark side of life? (Answers on a postcard please!)

This week the shortlist for the Doire Press 2nd Annual Fiction competition will be revealed and I have done my best not to think about it. The faith is there, but I have been here before… To rob the chorus from Doris Day – whatever will be, will be…