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number 8

This week I checked out. With no college and rigid evening routine, I enjoyed the free hours either catching up with people or doing all the jobs I had put off for a better day. I didn’t go totally AWOL though and got some short stories off to a few publications along with finally finishing off the script. It still needs a lot of work, but by dragging myself to the end there is some shape and I can now edit and research. If you need me in the next few weeks I’ll be in the kids section of the library sorting through pop-up books!

Out of nowhere a poem came to me. Stark and sad it examines the human condition and the cruelty we can impart on each other. I had an image in my head and went for it, a line of people queuing for the death. It flowed easily despite its content and is now sitting in someone’s inbox waiting to be discovered. I have to say there is no greater feeling than something you have written finding a home. I hope one of these submissions will find a warm place to rest. 

So I feel refreshed and ready for the week ahead. My first novel needs to be dusted off so I can edit a chapter for an application; something I’m looking forward to and also dreading. How do you decide what pieces best represent your writing? Do you go with intuition or recommendation?

I have got it wrong before so want to dedicate the rest of this month to trying to get it right. I have a feeling about March, it might be good to me…