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abstract flower

By Julie O’Brien – my mum

As it is Mother’s Day tomorrow I wrote this poem of my journey as a daughter. It can’t be easy to try and do the best for your child and I appreciate her now more than I ever did. “There is no handbook for bringing up children” as my mum would say!

I dedicate this poem to my mum & all the mothers out there…


There from the start,
a cradle for your head
the suckle of strength
to put you on two feet.

With shaky starts
and bathroom leaks
she followed,
a mop for your mistakes.

At the school gates
she waved you away
with a cartoon lunchbox
full of home.

As hems and sleeves shrunk
she bought and hung,
so your wardrobe
was always full.

Amongst cramps and mounds
girl was shed
so a young woman
could take her place.

Then distance took hold
understanding lost
in the angst –
mother became just a word.

In college you plunged
into a new world, of
chaos and endless

Within a city of smoke
work cast its spell
with busy tones that
roared through your 20’s.

There followed the globe
to roam and explore
places she wished
you never knew.

Home finally called
a beckon to firmer ground
and piece by piece, you
rebuilt the cord –

She’s mother now.