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number 9

Week 9 was strangely reflective…

I never remember snow in March. Big flakes that swarm like bees and fill up the sky. It’s my birthday today and the cold spell is an unexpected treat. Another year passing usually makes me think, muse on the year that’s passed and analyse what has gone and could have been done better. This year I haven’t had that. In the lead up to my birthday I had to be reminded it was coming up. I genuinely forgot.

I am prone to overthinking and self-criticism. I find it hard to sit in a moment and appreciate an achievement or success. It’s always ‘what’s next?’ or ‘it has to be better’. So I am surprised at my laid back attitude this year that borders on serenity. Of course there are still many things I want to achieve, huge personal and professional goals that flash intermittently in the same way as a neon sign. But they seem more reachable now. Instead of being light years away the distance is shrinking. I am content in life.  

Although I can’t take all the credit for this new found contentment. A huge chunk of it is down to having someone in my life that makes me happy and secure. I now realise that when you have someone to catch you, it’s a lot easier to take risks, fall flat on your face and get back up again.

So this time round my birthday is not a year passed, but a year achieved. 12 months packed with great memories, successes and some face falling and I wouldn’t change a thing.