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number 11

Week 11 had me roaming around a cemetery…

Following my sloth-like Week 10, I went into this week with a determined focus. I threw myself back into the abandoned novel and wrestled with the character I had always struggled with. She is clearer now, no longer a shadow but more an outline in a colouring book. I opened her chapter in a cemetery, one my favourite places for solitude, even if you are surrounded by the dead. It felt right, the perfect pinch of creepiness splashed in with an environment primed for emotion. It feels like a huge triumph that her sides are coalescing and I can feel her forming.

Another rejection was batted away with a wave. If you don’t want it someone else will. Damn your subjective and petty ways unnamed publication! The countdown to college is continuing, with only 5 weeks left the ticker tape is near. I have spent today studying for an exam so the words digital, marketing and strategy are bouncing around my head like a ball-bearing in a pinball machine. I am trying to feign interest so the information stays in; perhaps some stroking of notes later may do the trick.

Now in the double digits for 2013 it seems that time is passing. It’s flying by into April, a month which I didn’t forsee, never mind have plans for. My mind feels busy, full of things I want and need to do and they’re all scrambling for attention. In my beehive of a brain the creative will need to persevere and carry me onwards into the 12th.

P.S. I am aware this post may be a bit strange and addled, that’s what coming close to the teenage years will do to you….