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Week 12 was topsy-turvy – The Nearly Writer’s Diary

number 12 on a bin

I was off work and it was a week with time, lots of it I thought. Instead the days just went, slipped through my fingers in a haze of studying, exams and editing. There was some relaxation in there aswell; time with loved ones, a walk on the beach and a chilled Easter weekend with David Attenborough, but it flew. The April Fool rang his bell and the joke was on me, it was already April!

I did get in some writing though, two new poems on theme of hands for a competition. The space to muse and think on it was delicious, like going to a desert island and baking in the sunshine. (In this current never-ending cold spell, sun is all I seem to think about at the moment.) I also completed and edited my application, which required me putting together all my experience in a neat package of 500 words while picking a selection of writing that best represented my ability and style. It was no easy task and when I pressed send I still wasn’t sure if I had nailed it.

Something I did indulge in, an activity I haven’t done in a long time is read a book in one sitting. It was an easy on the mind detective novel and I escaped into the author’s world of drugs and gangs. I go through phases with reading, gluts of books and then a drought of a few pages. On my bedside tables are unread piles, crying out to have their pages fluttered but instead sit there looking at me sadly.

So, three books a month is my new goal, more if time allows. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a point to start at. I want to find something good, a plot that burrows under my skin and makes me itch with excitement. Reading someone else’s great work can only stimulate my own. With all that in mind it’s back to the novel this week, another chapter written for the shiny second draft. I love this part; where you have no idea where the story will go and instead lead it, a bit between the words.