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I wrote this piece in my writing group and liked how it turned out. The theme was the quality of light through a window and on imagining my view in the bedroom I wanted to draw on the sun’s transformative nature and the colours it creates.


From Rise to Set

It slips through gaps. The top half blocked out, an umbrella on my piece of sky. On the sill a plant sucks in every ounce of its golden preciousness as if starved for years.

Through the day it fades, from lemon to a deep purple the shade of squid ink. Sometimes it catches itself, caught in a roar that makes it bleed, trickles caught on clouds that turn a bubblegum pink.

Across the road it lingers in the trees, pine shards that trembles with its rise and fall in a bow. The grass plays in sways, teases in a tickle.

Across my duvet it explodes, spreading far and wide parting for obstacles that stand proudly as shadows, soldiers in the world of light & half light. Tendrils crawl into spaces disturbing dust and skin flakes happy to be settled.

It is the reveal of a life lived, my life in a cocoon that welcomes it. And when it goes, the day is done and sleep is welcomed beneath the diamond halo of a moon.