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I have been thinking about transitions lately, moving onto new stages in life. A lot is changing this year, some of which I never thought would happen. Moving into a new phase has brought many things to the surface; old insecurities and that ever pervasive self-doubt. It feels like an internal tsunami that takes who and what you are and spreads it out in all its complex glory.

But these shake-ups are necessary, essential to move on and get out of comfort zones so that new things can flood in, have a chance to seep through the armour constructed to keep us intact. It’s a time for the unchartered and that’s what this poem is about.

One Step


It’s just one

a tiptoe


to the shade

of knowns.


It’s regression

a pudgy stumble


into arms

soft with talc.

It’s all new

a shiny step


the dreams you

never had.


It’s moving on

a stride


the past away 

from fear.


It’s all trust

a climb


for a ledge

of possibles.


It’s within grasp

a leap


towards a hand

open with hope.