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number 15

There’s only one week to go. 7 more days of college in my consciousness and then it’s over, thrown to the back of my mind like a battered rucksack after a year-long expedition. I am planning an exorcism, a burning of notes in the way they used to burn witches. They are flammable and I am ready…

This impending freedom means I can get back to what I am meant to be doing; writing. I can mull and work through ideas rather than writing them in one of my many notebooks and then struggle to understand what motivated me to write it in the first place. The gobbledygook will once again have some relevance and be either scrapped or held onto.

When I had time I didn’t appreciate it. Spent it faffing about or preoccupied with things and thoughts that didn’t merit the time wasted. If anything else I now know, appreciate that having time is the biggest gift to a writer and should be savoured, sucked dry until there’s only a husk left. I strive to never let free time slip by away again unused if I have not written something that day.

With that in mind I have set October as my deadline to get the second draft of the novel done, an ambitious but very achievable deadline. If all goes well then I will let it loose on the world and see where it falls; flat on its back or upright like a disgruntled cat. Either way it will be a new step in the process of writing a novel and a leap forward.

So come this Friday and the completion of my last exam, I intend to shout like Braveheart (without the torture) and fill Dublin with my FREEDOM call.