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Week 19 was all about exploration

number 19

This week was slow and steady. I dipped my toe into the realm of starting another novel and it was an hesitant but decent start. I still don’t really know what the best route to take is from here and am not sure how and when real clarity will appear. I have always wanted to write a novel, but perhaps the right story hasn’t appeared yet. Maybe a short story collection is a better route as I have a few with promise waiting to be edited and finished following the sessions with my mentor.

In addition I have been enjoying writing flash fiction recently as my last three posts will show. The subjects being tackled are difficult and not in the happiest vein, but I am enjoying exploring different techniques and characters. I feel like my writing is improving through trying different things and practice, practice, practice. It is also great to get positive feedback from friends, fellow writers and bloggers whose words really help me to keep motivated.

This week I’m going to hear Colum McCann speak at Dublin Writers Festival and am looking forward to gaining some inspiration. One of my favourite books is his ‘Let the Great World Spin’ and any insight he can impart I will happily grab with both both hands. The power of listening to and learning from the best cannot be underestimated. Roll on next week and moving into my 20’s.