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number 20

Week 20 threw me down a rabbit hole

Like Alice in her Wonderland, this week gave me a clutch of days that were in total disarray. I followed in the vein of the white rabbit and was late, late, late (with blog posts anyway!)

In this 20th week I often didn’t know which way was up, and would have happily laid down on a mushroom and had a smoke with a caterpillar if that was possible. Instead it felt like my life was turned inside out and shaken, not unlike zorbing down a mountain range.

I did however manage to write, or more accurately fix pieces. I worked on the ending of a new piece inspired by life post-Celtic tiger and I think it works well. It’s due in this Friday for consideration and I’ll be crossing fingers to see if it takes flight or at least prowls. I also edited one of the pieces my mentor critiqued and took his advice to dig deeper under the skin of the mother in the story. Some great lines came out of it and for those little wordy gems, I am grateful.

The opening to the rabbit hole is in sight now and I’m nearly out the other side. It’s nice and cool in here however, so emerging into the sun may take some work and a lot of catch up sleep!