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Week 21 was a sun drenched slump

number 21

Sunshine always seems to make everything better. It makes everyone smile and brings people out from the shade of their TV’s, jobs, rooms to participate in society again. It has a drawback though, namely not being conducive to being motivated to write. We get good weather so rarely that it is the prefect excuse, even if not a lot of writing was done in the rain and hail either!

So this week the blanket came out and the shared garden I have just moved into was used. I edited, read and slept; all in all not the most fruitful of weeks, for writing anyway. I do feel in a slump at the moment, stuck in some strange vortex where motivation is hard to come by and time is flying by. While I want to be holed up in a room and letting the words flow something is stopping me and I don’t know what. Am I just contemplating or being bloody lazy?!It is currently a mystery to my consciousness.

The changes in my life have been huge over the past few weeks. Now in my boyfriend’s realm and getting used to living together it is a great and strange adventure. With the 1st week of co-habitation down I am hoping to find a groove and a new nook to create in. I am pinning my hopes of writing prowess on that old adage – a change is as good as a break – and hope the next few weeks supplies me with a break that lets the flood come.