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number 22

Week 22 was a return to childhood & an originality crisis

This week I got over myself and started again. I forced away all the niggles of self-doubt and the rejections that came in and dug deep, revisiting the half a young adult book that I had written and abandoned. I started again from scratch with a quirky character with a past set in a bookshop. I also went back to my children’s rhyming piece, putting the already written pages aside and allowing the world and characters to form, hoping they emerge from nuggets to pieces of gold. Only the next few weeks/months will tell I guess.

When starting or restarting something I often wonder if it is original enough. A bookshop is not the most unique of settings and has been done before, but really what hasn’t? After reading thousands of books and thousands of stories I don’t know how a writer can avoid writing about something that has already had pen put to paper. It’s near impossible unless it’s fantasy that only exists in the author’s head, and even then there will be comparisons or allusions to another story/novel/writer. In a world full of words, how do you get yours out there in a way that makes an impact?

But despite the originality crisis, it was a week of reading, rewriting and persistence. I allowed myself to go back to being a child, revelling in the innocence, wonder and difficult times of my own growing up experience, and hope these pieces I once put aside too rashly will come out glowing on the other side.