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Week 23 promised a butterfly

This week was full of things, some writing and some, my other job! I feel like a corner has been turned and I am now taking small steps up the right track in a direction that holds promise.

Week 23 had me restarting the children’s book I had begun, got to the middle and then backed away from it disillusioned. The idea is the same but it has taken a different tone, more fantastical than realistic which I am really enjoying diving into. Watching Harry Potter this week has energised me and made me realise how wonderful and convoluted the story actually is.

I also received an e-mail from a publisher in regards to a short story I had submitted. It was a rejection but there was feedback, a description of the story as ‘brutal’. I took this rare jewel of feedback as a compliment, a testament to a story that is brutal in its subject matter. To me it meant I had done it right, expressed the life of a young girl in horrendous circumstances in way that went straight for the gut. A comment all the more welcome as it is based on a true story. It needs revisiting, but it is a story I am proud of and I hope finds a home someday.

I feel piece by piece my writing is getting better, slowly emerging from its cocoon and trying hard to be noticed. At the moment it is a moth, happy in its dull glory but there is promise, potential on the horizon for another transformation into an effervescent butterfly. I hope all it needs is time and a hell of a lot of hard work.