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Flash Gordon

Today is International Flash Fiction Day, a celebration of stories told in a flash. To commemorate it I took part in a Flash Mob yesterday which aims to get writers from all over the globe involved in writing and promoting stories less than 300 words (a tough exercise in constraint and brevity!)

Tonight I am delighted to be reading one of my pieces (posted on this blog a few weeks ago) ‘A Happy Kind of Pain’ at the Flash Bulbs event in Dublin run by Big Smoke Writing Factory. It will be a great opportunity to share a story I am proud of and be inspired by other writer’s pieces.

To celebrate the form, Irish author Nuala Ní Chonchúir is looking at submissions for Stinging Fly magazine, a publication I greatly admire. So today I am spending the hours refining a story about a trumpeter and practising my piece for the reading tonight, so am keeping my post this week to a mere 196 words!

Embrace the flashing day in your own way and if you fancy reading some short and snappy pieces have a read of some excerpts of the Top 25 of the Flash Mob 2013 at: http://flashmob2013.wordpress.com/flash-mob-2013-top-25/