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Week 24 delivered a surprise & a bundle of laziness

Sometimes on this journey you don’t know where it will lead or take you. This week delivered a surprise, an e-mail telling me that one of my stories had been picked for reading at the Big Smoke Writing Factory Flash Bulbs event. The news tickled me with happiness. I have read before at open mics or launches of anthologies but this one felt different, a whirl of excitement coupled with the fact it was a story I loved that someone else seemed to as well.

When I got there I was informed that I was up to read first, a piece of information which at first didn’t faze me but as the room kept filling up, and up, I realised that I would have to walk up there and take the lead. The butterflies swarmed, leapt and then chased each other around my stomach lining. As I read I could feel little tremors in my hands while lots of eyes stared intently at me. When I was done it was a great rush and relief, but an experience that I would be more than happy to repeat again and again given the opportunity. I am now hooked and reading is my heroin!

Clodagh O'Brien reading at Big Smoke Writing Factory Flash Bulbs event 2013

Aside from that I was a bit lazy and managed to finish off a flash fiction piece for submission and wrote a poem. Not great output for the week seeing as I had time to spare and words rolling around my head. Plus this post being two days late doesn’t really bode well for week 25, but there you are. I am blaming summer and work and my love of wine and too many literary events to go to. I could go on but won’t, we both know it’s just plain laziness!