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number 25

Week 25 wrote me into submission

This week I submitted like a demon, an overactive and rather weary demon by the end of it. On hitting send I always have the fear – of typos, plot holes, bad grammar etc. It doesn’t matter how many times I have read and re-read something, the fear will always come; sharp and acute like a pen through the heart.

The worst thing about editing is getting rid of things, words or phrases that you are attached to. Even if you know they don’t belong and have no real purpose in the story, you cling to them because of their rhythm or imagery or just because you are smug at your own cleverness. But they have to go, pushed to the sidelines reluctantly to live a dormant life until the time comes when they fit perfectly as if that jigsaw of a story or poem was just made for them.

The other thing about submissions is the time it takes. From you submitting to getting a rejection or acceptance it can take an age. In some cases so long you don’t even remember submitting it and at the news fail to actually care. But this week two editors came back within hours with a resounding ‘Yes’. Meaning that one flash fiction piece and one short story have found a home downy with feathers and twigs, the perfect place to fly!

On week 25 I realise that next week is halfway through the year, a whole 6 months gone and hardly any of what I intended to do actually done. Week 26 could be a tricky one, mid-life crisis and all that. If I get a penchant for a Ferrari I’ll start to worry…