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Week 26 showed me the error of my ways

Happy halfway through the year! Depending on whether you’re a glass half-empty or half-full person, that means 6 months are gone or 6 glorious months lie ahead. As a realist I have the luxury of swapping between the two sides and have decided that I am going to be… drum roll please… a glass half-full girl looking forward to the half a year that remains!

With that in mind I wondered what those months would hold. By pure luck I arrange to meet a friend of mine and after a day of walking around Rathfarnham Castle I realised (with her wisdom) that what I have lacked this year is focus. I have been trying to balance too many balls, watch too many pots, put all my coals into too many fires etc… I should have realised that myself and didn’t, but when she mentioned focus I finally got it. Got the fact that trying to write poetry, flash fiction, short stories and a novel may not be the best way to get anything done. I took the half-full philosophy to the extreme and just kept pouring. (Writing this I am aware that I realised this earlier in the year when in college, but I seem to have a wonderful ability to ignore my own epiphanys!)

The question now is what to do with that information. Well with that in mind and a week off – albeit in the sunniest July on record in about 100 years in Ireland! I have made a list and am going through all the incompletes or ‘hangovers’ one by one along with putting my head down and getting some chapters down on a page. It’s getting there, piece by piece and letter by letter. Once the list is cleared there are no excuses and it’s down to the novel and the chasm that is 60,000 words plus that I will try to resist counting every ten minutes!