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Week 27 was a puddle of sunny catch-up happiness

This week I was off, a whole 7 days to concentrate on writing. It happened to coincide with an amazing heatwave, so hot and wonderful I felt like I was on holiday, but without all the hassle of planes, trains and automobiles! This week was all about catching up. On all the stories and poems I had started but failed to finish or just abandoned. With the help of a friend I got a story that had been hanging around for a few months clearer in my head and ready to be sent off. I also rewrote another story I had written on the bus and managed to move onto the third chapter of my novel.

A welcome and surprising bonus this week was getting a flash fiction piece called ‘All Out of Sorry’ published on the 1000words website. I wrote it a fortnight ago on the basis of one of their photographs from the Pinterest board. It brought me back to travelling, the highs and lows of being on the road for a year, ready to go home but yet dreading it. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and it was a first step into writing about backpacking, a subject I’ve not yet explored properly despite having been to a lot of places.

It was a productive few days, but as usual there are still bits I didn’t do. Unfinished stories that either need to be forgotten or revised swiftly. No matter how much time you have it always seems to go. But I am still satisfied that I tied up loose ends and feel like I can concentrate on the novel now (even though my 1,000 odd words yesterday seemed rubbish!)

With week 27 behind me, the 28th beckons and I am determined to nail the end of chapter three and get planning for the fourth. I need to regress back into the mind of a 12 year old and remember what it was like, which may be more introspection than I bargained for! All tips on how to achieve that are heartily welcomed…