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number 28

Week 28 was a rollercoaster of shock, excitement & then shock again…

This week left me reeling, an emotional rollercoaster of shock and excitement. All this turmoil was due to one of my poems ‘Kisses’, which I wrote for two brothers murdered in my parents’ home town of Castlebar, being read out at their funeral. As a result of being read it was picked up the media and featured across Irish papers and narrated on the radio.

The whole experience was a difficult thing to get my head around as I wrote the poem as a tribute and never expected it to go any further than my blog and social media. A few hours after posting it I noticed that the views on my website were much higher than normal with it climbing past 500 with no sense of stopping. Initially I thought it was a glitch with WordPress until my sister informed me that it was zooming around Facebook and appearing on all her friends feeds. Talk about the power of social media!

I still don’t think the experience has quite sunk in. I was honoured that the people who knew the brothers best thought it captured who they were and paid tribute to their memory, but it also felt bittersweet to see my name in print for such an occasion. Don’t get me wrong seeing my poem in the paper and hearing it being read was a wonderful thing, but it felt and still feels very strange.

Apart from the week being a bit blurry after that, I finished Chapter 4 of the novel and it seems to be flowing. Perhaps a bit too well as I am wondering if it is taking me way too long to get the point! But in my experience it is better to have more rather than less, as content is easier to edit than to create. Week 29 is turning out to be a slow one as overindulgence at the Longitude Festival has meant that my body and brain are struggling, but hopefully by mid-week it will be ready to create again… at least that’s the hope!