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I wrote this piece yesterday evening after a day of not achieving very much. I am not really sure what it is, an experiment in language or a sequence of thoughts, but I am putting it into the blogsphere as I think it is in need of sharing! All comments and thoughts are welcome…

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The things you don’t know

All the things you don’t know, outweigh the things you do.

The fault of that lies with me. My life has been spent carving out a Jekyll and Hyde existence. The only difference between the doctor and me is that neither part is truly good or truly bad. I am medley of my past. A mixed bag of sweets, a pic ‘n mix person.

Over time I have become a master of my art. An expert in secrets. A connoisseur of deception. An authority in lies.

Life makes it easy. People only look for what they want to see. People only ask for answers they want to know.

You came with trust. An open mind as wide as your heart. You reeked of naivety, a scent so intoxicating I could have eaten you whole.

Seduction didn’t take long. I left a trail for you to track. Hopscotch in its simplicity it made you need to find the mystery that was me.

Love came easily to you. Roared from your pores in gluts of declarations that weaved around me. You were the spider and I was the fly.

Disarmed, I let you cradle me. Rock me into a calm not felt all my life.

It couldn’t last. Happiness doesn’t suit me. I retreated into my created darkness still warm with my duplicity.

Tiny scraps keep you going. Morsels of myself I have going spare. You never ask for more. Perhaps for fear of really knowing.

I live in the shadows and the light. Each day that passes drags me further into the dark, the only thing keeping me from tumbling, is you.

All the things I wish you knew, I have no idea how to share.