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Week 32 was a busy burst of stars, eggs and magic

This week was busy. My mind and fingers were occupied in the act of writing and it felt good. After a glitchy fortnight, it felt great to have the words coming and my mind dwelling in the world of plots and characters again.

I decided to put a writer CV together this week of all my published work and readings. It actually turned out to be a long enough list, and made me realise that I have been achieving things albeit on a smaller scale than I hoped for (only due to perhaps ridiculous expectations on my part on the first place!) It’s something I would advise every writer to do as often you forge ahead and don’t reflect on what you have done and achieved. Taking the time to do just that realigns your focus and your mindset, and at least in my case allowed me to put the doubt in a box and move on again.

So this week I wrote about stars, eggs, magic notebooks and love. I am always at how the mind works. That when you settle down and just let things come they usually do. We are all surrounded by too much noise in our lives, and actually taking time out can be difficult. However when I make that time it’s amazing what thoughts and revelations emerge. They may not be ordered and more often than not appear in discordant jigsaw pieces, but at least they’re a lot of fun!