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Week 33 had me stuck on a hamster wheel

This week had me rolling around on a hamster wheel, moving at a brisk pace, but not really getting anywhere. For the first time since I started this blog I didn’t post anything this weekend. I did try. I tried to write a poem on Friday and Saturday, but the words just didn’t come as if they were trapped in a cage in my somewhat crippled brain. Usually I would just keep going until something came or take a stab at something else, but I just didn’t this weekend. I think the reason is being tired. Creativity is a hard thing to keep going for long periods of time, and my own pool has been used up and exhausted.

My blog might not have materialised, but a chapter did. It seemed to come pretty easily as it had been swirling round my brain and got me that little bit closer to actually knowing what is going to happen. I am 12,000 words in now and enjoying it, and plan to send it off to some friends for a read through to see if it actually makes any sense or makes for an interesting read!

This week I am off to Italy, for a blissful 10 day break that will hopefully go some way to getting my creativity back on track. I am not going to pressure myself to write and am leaving my trusty laptop at home for its own little holiday. I am hoping in such a fabulous setting that inspiration hits, but if it doesn’t I am going to just shrug off the guilt and enjoy the sunshine, long treks, great food and wine on our balcony over the Amalfi Coast. So next week there will be no post on Saturday and I have lined up a guest one for week 34 from my friend and poet, Niall O’Connor. Until then Ciao!