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Well this is interesting. A space that does not quite fit. Many sinuous corridors. There is female everywhere, in a difficult to define sort of way. This is not the normal place to find a bearded quinquagenarian, but here I am, and here I intend to stay . . . until at least my honoured host asks me to return her space.

It is week 34, and it seems fitting that Clodagh has vacated this spot in order to take her annual vacation after 33. The Judaeo-Christian heritage tell us that this is the number of the crucifixion, – not a pleasant experience for a writer, even if it does hold the possibility of revealing a whole new world of experience – but Clodagh like a true writer, and friend, took that one for herself.

Because of her commitment to the muse , Clodagh could not simple desert her station. She had to invite another entity into occupy her space. The muse is jealous. She does not take kindly to desertion and I am now the cuckoo in the nest. Who knows what gems I may discover here, discarded in a fit of pique, or laid carelessly to one side in the rush to complete a weekly blog . . . a diary of a year in the life of a writer.

Look! Yes! Over there in the corner, that infamous Trophy she awarded that pesky youth that swam for his life so she could tell a clever story. On the many bookshelves, I can see all her her past conversations: a book of smells, of sounds, incomplete formulae. A book of touches she has given. A book of touches she has received. There are hundreds of unbound ideas and possibilities of books lined up, neatly filed and waiting their day.

Who is that strange man standing outside the window, blowing kisses?

Clodagh will be back next week, refreshed and invigorated, ready to clean up the mess I will no doubt have left behind. Our little meeting will be our secret!

Niall O’Connor’s collection ‘Change in the Wind’ is a beautiful & often haunting book of poems that explore humanity, love & life. His voice is expressed through a complex web of words spun by a very able craftsman that draws the reader in, just as as spider does to a fly. You can read his work & buy his collection at: http://dublinepost.blogspot.com/