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Week 35 was a gold rush

It’s amazing what a difference a holiday makes. It’s time for your brain to wind down and your body to relax, and believe me I embraced the sunshine and amazing mountain view without a thought for what I left behind. Instead of writing or stressing about not writing, I read some crime novels that required minimum concentration. One was pretty good with a tight plot and interesting point of view while the other was awful and a great candidate for how not to write a book. I also came across a gem of a book left in our B&B by an author I had never heard of and was inspired. It was ‘People of the Book’ by Geraldine Brooks and it flowed and turned like a river of wonderful prose. It is a book I wish I could write. A book I aspire to match someday, and finding it was similar to what it must have been like to unearth gold in the Gold Rush.

I only put pen to paper on the second last day of the holiday which resulted in a bad poem which I don’t ever intend to share (or at least not that version of it!), followed by a piece of flash fiction inspired by our surroundings called ‘Lemons’. In such a beautiful place it was impossible not to be inspired, but even a few days away from writing made it difficult to get back into the swing of things; proof that the ‘writing every day’ advice from successful writers is not something to be ignored.

I now feel refreshed, my mind once again whirring at what needs to be written. Over the weekend I wrote a chapter for the novel that I finished last year that has been sat in a box sulking, and endeavor to submit the first few chapters and synopsis later this year. Alongside that I plan to do some research for the young adult novel and am starting a course in October to workshop the chapters I have written and see if that genre is one I should be pursuing. So as usual it’s back to trial and error, faith and hope tied in with a little bit of luck (or hopefully a lot).