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Week 36 was a bit Jekyll & Hyde

This week was one of two halves. On the one hand I was focused & knuckled down to writing, which was a great space to inhabit. On the other, it was one of realising how much work i have to do to complete a second draft & feeling very overwhelmed by the path ahead.

At the weekend I spent some time with a friend who had read the end of my novel & kindly helped to dissect it. It was an amazing exercise to do & opened up a world of possibilities for both the plot & characters. But now it’s time to just do it, a daunting prospect that requires me to push away the doubt & regain my earlier focus.

In my Jekyll moments I enjoyed concentrating on one of the characters, a previously two-dimensional character that’s now alive on the page & that’s exciting. Plus the plot is unfurling slowly & calling out to be written. So now I just need to listen to the voices vying to be heard in my head & knuckle down. The second draft will be written if it kills me (which it possibly might!)

P.S – My Saturday blog didn’t get finished on time, so will be posted later this week & it’s a strange one!