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number 37

Week 37 was the start of a new reality

On my 37th week I put the head down and focused. It was more of a plod than a rush of energy, but it was nonetheless successful. I completed three chapters and edited as if my life depended on it. Every line, word and comma was put under scrutiny and only some of them survived. It has been an eye opening and rewarding experience, very different from writing a first draft. This time it feels like the plot is unfolding very slowly, but it is palpable and I no longer feel like I am stuck in a blind alley. These effort will be put to the test by sharing the first chapter to my writing group this week, which has new members and fresh eyes. The feedback will be interesting.

For the moment I have decided to stop submitting to competitions and publications. I think that looking at other things will just take away my focus, a knack I have just harnessed. It will be strange to ignore deadlines, but I also feel slightly relieved. The only pressure now is to keep going and get to the end of the second draft. Rejections can just wait at my door! I want this story to be told properly and the characters to be believed. I am ready to succumb to their strange and dark reality. Wish me luck!