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Week 38 was a question of comparison

One of the things I have found difficult to deal with on this writing journey is comparison. When others seem to be progressing much further along the path than you i.e. getting published and recognised for their writing, it can be hard not to compare your own achievements or lack of them to someone else’s. While you don’t want the glory or recognition taken away from them, you do want a piece of that pie for yourself. Plus these successes seem to come in gluts, that strange phenomenon of things coming in threes which serves to magnify the achievements.

I don’t think comparison is something people talk about that much, but yet we all do it. Whether it’s an instantaneous gut reaction or a seething process you try to fight, it exists. Sometimes it can affect me positively and make me want to try harder and aim higher, while other times it is just debilitating and can stop progress in its tracks. It is, for me at least, an unpredictable tightrope!

This week I felt the effects of it in both ways. It made me want to work harder, but also made me think ‘why bother?’ I wonder if the best tactic is to bow out of the bombardment of social media and be unaware of what others are doing. That way the focus is just on the work and nothing else. It does seem a selfish thing to do though, as a lot of those successes are hard-won and well fought. So why shouldn’t you know (and want to know) about them, and pass on a well deserved congratulations to the recipient? Or is comparison simply something that needs to be accepted and got over? Answers on a postcard please!