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Love painting

Can we be friends when there’s so much love?

You told me we could. You stated why not?

Because I can’t forget what I already know.

Because I can’t unknot what’s already tangled.

Because I don’t know how to get back the part of me I gave to you.

Loads of people do it, you said. It’s no big deal.

It’s only easy because you’re the one that wants it.

It’s only easy because you need it to be.

It’s only easy if you’re already there.

You believe we have too much history to just walk away.

Our history is what makes me ache.

Our history is crying to fade.

Our history is not yours to claim.

I don’t want to lose you… as a friend of course, you said.

I have already lost my dignity.

I have already lost my home.

I have nearly lost my mind.

There’s still love there, you said. It’s just a different kind.

My love is a web in the wind.

My love is wax near a flame.

My love is a crack in the earth.

You asked if we could at least try.

I will try to forget what we had.

I will try to stop wearing the ring.

I will try.