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Week 39 was a nurofen muddled 40th extravaganza

This week was pretty Neurofen addled due to being consumed by the lurgy that always seems to accompany October. That and it was my boyfriend’s 40th, which only added to the muddledness. It was a week of confused editing as I lay in bed between bouts of watching ‘The Killing’ and proofing. An exercise I am still not sure made the chapters better or much, much worse.

By Thursday I had recovered slightly and sat down to write a new chapter. Three hours later I had 300 words. The efforts of which amounts to a paltry 100 words an hour. By any standards this was rubbish, and as time passed I just got more frustrated, which as you can imagine did nothing for moving the chapter along. It became a vicious circle of write, delete and rant at the screen. I turned into some kind of angry spiral of a person who was very tempted to throw my laptop out the window. By the time my boyfriend came home I was a disillusioned puddle that tried to pretend I wasn’t (seeing as his birthday was the next day and I had no right or inclination to ruin that.)

So week 39 sucked due to a number of things outside my control. Just as imagine my own 39th will suck in a few years time with the big 40 hovering over me. I’m not as good at turning old as other people are. Then again there’s something nice about numbers with a big fat zero. It’s like you have a right to start all over again…