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number 41

Week 41 was a matter of endurance

This week I got my first five chapters of the novel and synopsis written and edited for a deadline. It was a tough job, and even though I had spent hours and weeks preparing for it, ended up rewriting a chapter the day before, which I now wonder was the best idea! The main issue was I was not fully convinced or sure of the character. Unlike the others in the book she is hazy to me, the ghost of herself with a form I can’t quite see. This is a major problem because if I don’t think she’s clear, than others reading it won’t either. But I rewrote, edited and then rewrote again, and now it is out of my hands and at the mercy of faceless critics.

The synopsis, the bane of many a writer, was as expected, very painful. I don’t know how anyone succinctly and elegantly puts their entire book down in a mere 300 words. It is like an exercise in patience, dedication and endurance. One that should be posed to contestants on ‘Survivor’ or ‘Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ instead of eating an array of insects. In the end I got it done, but think it is more of a mish-mash than a triumph. But yet again, it is done and gone so there is no point pondering on it.

Now the real work begins… actually finishing the novel again. With a hazy character and complex plot this may be more than I bargained for. Part of me wants to take on the gauntlet of NaNoWriMo, an initiative that challenges you to write 50,000 words (a novel) in a month. The point of it is to get you writing, but also to just write what comes; no construction, pure freedom and the opportunity to let loose. It is a very tempting endeavour, but one that will take away from actually finishing the other book. So the question is – am I just looking for a way out of what I should be doing, or is it time to just stop overthinking things and get back to enjoying writing a novel, rather than wanting to throw it and myself out the window?!