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number 42

Week 42 was about getting down to business

This week was busy and productive on the writing front. I managed to finish off a difficult chapter and finally nail an elusive character that was throwing me off my stride. I also wrote a mini flash fiction piece that seemed to want to be told, and is now in an editor’s inbox as I write. We shall see…

This weekend I decided to get down to business and wrote a synopsis for a new novel for the mammoth challenge that is NanoWriPro. It’s an idea I had a few months ago and wrote some chapters for, but left behind for reasons that aren’t clear to me now! It’s a commercial venture this time, a crime/thriller that I have been keen to have a stab at for a while. I’m considering thinking of a second plot idea just in case the first doesn’t work out and scuppers my attempt, but the clock is ticking with only 2 days to go…

It was also productive as some opportunities I pursued are on the cusp of coming to fruition. One is an editorial role on a fab online literary journal that features interesting and experimental short fiction, poetry, essays and photgraphy. While the other is a possible collaboration on one of my flash fiction pieces with a great illustrator, that I would love to pull off as I want to share my work in a more visual way. Watch this space for more information on both exciting projects, but needless to say they are new and interesting directions for me as a writer, and ones I’m really looking forward to.