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number 43

Week 43 propelled me into the world of nano

This week was all about words. As mentioned in last week’s post I decided to embark on the mammoth challenge that is NanoWriMo. I started on Thursday and have to say, although only 4 days in, it’s an interesting and energising challenge as there’s little time to think, and even less time to censor. You just plough on with the words and let the setting, characters, dialogue and plot come as they may. When writing for a new day I only ever have a vague idea of what’s next. Today for example is going to focus on the main character exploring an abandoned house set in the wilderness of Achill. As usual I have no idea what will unfold, but am just going to allow my fingertips to put down what my brain blurts out.

2,000 words a day does not seem like a lot, but when you’re actually in front of the screen and trying not to look at the word count, it seems like trying to reach the summit of Everest. At the moment it takes between one and half and 2 hours to reach the word count, not bad, but not that great either! This week promises to be a challenge as I try to juggle a busy work week and writing. Coming home from work to write is not something I usually do or enjoy that much, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

I also mentioned a new venture last week, an editorial position with an online literary journal. Well… drum roll please… That journal is ‘The Bohemyth’ a great venture set up by Alice Walsh over a year ago, and now in the hands of Michael Naghten Shanks. It will feature short fiction, poetry and essays and promises to excite, titillate and inspire. Submissions are now being accepted if you have something you are keen to share. I’m really excited to work with Michael and Ryan Van Runkle in the coming months, and looking forward to reading some great writing.