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number 45

I took week 45 by the horns and kind of won!

Time is not on my side this week, so this post is going to short & sweet! Writing for the ‘write a novel in a month’ challenge has been an enjoyable and surreal experience. I just let the words come and tried not to worry about the holes in plot, character flaws, shaky voice and slip in tense at different points. It’s a liberating experience when you embrace it, and one that confirms you really can write anywhere, in whatever mood and at whatever time at the day. I am currently on Day 18 and on 26,188 words, which is a bit behind, but seeing as I am on a half-day from work, intend to hit 3,000 words today to make up for it and go from there.

Last night I read for a whole 20 minutes at Mill Miscellenea, a great night of music and poetry in Dundrum. It was daunting seeing as I had only read for about 8 minutes or so before, and in order to engage the audience needed to give a background to each piece. I did cheat a little as I read some flash fiction and one short story along with poetry. But it seemed to go down well and even though I was nervous most of the day, a lot of practice and keeping track of the time put me in good stead. It was a great experience that I hope to be repeating, if and when the opportunity arises again!

So it’s back to writing those words and seeing what details are uncovered next about the mystery note scriber in the novel. I have a plan for today involving cliffs, a hidden Coke bottle, a love declaration and the sneaky going-ons of a brute of a man. Oh the fun….