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Week 48 was a blip best forgotten

Well this week was rubbish (to put it bluntly!) I totally indulged myself in lazy days and pottering around, and as a result achieved very little in the way of writing, zilch in fact. I don’t think I have ever taken my foot off the pedal as much as this week, and I’m trying to figure out why.

Part of it is burnout, part of it is laziness and the other part is not being very motivated. I’m wondering what I have achieved this year. What milestones there were in terms of my writing, be it development or being published? In my head it doesn’t appear that I have achieved that much, or not as much as I wanted to. Where is my finished novel, where is my two book publishing deal, where is my liege of short stories littering the virtual ether and bookshop shelves?!

I am partly jesting, but also questioning myself and where this journey is taking me. A flurry of doubts and questions are plaguing my head, which is all linked to a year ending and a new one on the horizon. I think I always have a mini-breakdown at this time of year wondering what progress has been made, what have I learned, what’s next? Pretty typical pre-Christmas jitters, but frustrating nonetheless as they are getting in the way of the most important thing – getting those words down on paper.

So I am writing week 48 off as blip, an anomaly in an otherwise productive-ish year and am tucking it under my belt, hat, snood and moving onwards and upwards to editing a short story for submission, to writing a good piece for Saturday’s blog post and most of all just letting my mind settle so inspiration can find its way through again. Over and out…

P.S – The relaunch issue of The Bohemyth is now out, a fab collection of poetry, short stories, photography and an essay. It was a joy to get the opportunity to read the submissions, and I’m looking forward to the next batch for 2014.