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I wrote this flash fiction piece today, and feel that there is more to come from this character and setting. Let me know what you think.

Art from mental institution

Nice Girl

I’m not a nice girl. I bite, I spit, I scratch, I gouge, I kick. They say it’s something bad in me, something with no off button. I just think it’s coz I hate everything.

I live in a place made of white; from floor to ceiling to furniture to food to people. When it snows we are camouflaged, better than any army or secret bunker or vampire den. It’s like living in one big tooth, with me in room 302, the decay.

I have a tiny window that looks out onto one big tree. It’s so big it must be thousands of years old, and has branches that lead up and up that look like veins, the spindly ones under your skin. It never gets leaves or has birds sit in it. But still it grows and grows.

I knock on the wall to the boy next door. It’s my own made up Morse code that only we know. Each one makes a thud as the walls are so thick. Sometimes I scratch instead just to hear something else. Now and again he replies. It just depends how doped up he is.

I remember being ten. It was my favourite age. Then I had a house with a garden, not big, but big enough. We had a cat named Rumples who liked to eat tissue. I used to cook with my mum where I’d chop and she’d fry. Our favourite was crispy noodles and vegetables. We took drives to the beach and kicked at the waves. Mum loved the water. So much that when I found her in the bath she’d a smile on her face.

I used to get visitors. Priests with kind eyes and skin too soft, that sat and read to me. Their words drilled at my ears and made me scream. Then there were social workers, each time a different one, bodies twitchy with nerves. They clutched a file with my name on the spine and asked me questions. “We’re only trying to help” they’d say until I bit them. “A muzzle is what you need girl,” the last one snarled, my two front teeth imprinted into her wrinkly skin.

I sometimes wish I wasn’t like this, but I don’t know how else to be. And besides being nice is just bullshit.