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number 52

Week 52 is the last, but also the first

So it’s been a year in the Nearly Writer’s Diary. An interesting experiment that has charted lows and highs, which in my mind was plumper with lows, but maybe that’s just because I tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive. I’m a half-empty kind of girl, something I need to work on as it doesn’t serve to aid morale or motivation. When I started the diary I had no idea where it would go. It was a self-indulgent venture (like most diaries are!) and one I had no idea anyone would be interested in reading. But people have read it and commented and given me kind words when required, an element to the experiment I didn’t dare hope for.

Alongside the diary being a year old, my blog is too. This little bubble of my writing in the vast landscape of the virtual ether, that I’m amazed people managed to find, never mind read.  It has bolstered me to continue to write it, albeit in a different way. Over the next few weeks the blog will be changing, getting a makeover if you like, with the aid of my other half who is much more learned (and quicker) at the workings of technical things. And the diary will continue, but on a monthly basis with numbers still at the helm, but this time from 1 to 12 (so if any artist out there has great artwork for numbers please feel free to send them my way, as I am running out of doors and shop fronts to take pictures of! All credit will obviously be given). In addition I will continue to post new pieces of work on my blog, but twice a month instead of every week, which will give me more time to think and edit, and hopefully lead to a better reading experience.

As luck would have it, I have already got my first publication of 2014, a flash piece called ‘Five Birds’ Worth’ in The Dying Goose magazine. I am thrilled to have found it a home, as it’s a piece I wrote that pretty much stayed as it was and holds a special place in my heart. I hope it’s a sign of a great year to come.

P.S – If anyone is interested in collaborating, be that taking turns to write a guest blog, sending art for me to write a piece inspired by the image, or feature one of my pieces on their blog/website then please feel free to get in touch on Twitter @wordcurio or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Working together is sometimes much more fruitful than working alone.