Links to things I like

Niall O’Connor’s blog is from a published poet and writer. He lives in Dublin, Ireland and goes by the byline of ‘Trying to make sense of it all’ . . . I know – tall order! Drop by without expectation, and you may find, now and then, the planet is not such a lonely place after all.

Whatiseewhenilookat is a social art/design project is to re-engage us with the things we see everyday.When we were kids we use to see amazing things in all we see…this site asks us to try and go back to that imagination, and show everyone what we see in the world around us.

Eithne Reynold’s blog writes about all kinds of everything from poetry to flash fiction.

Shauna Gilligan’s website for her debut novel Happiness Comes from Nowhere, set primarily in Dublin, tracks the characters’ search for happiness while also exploring themes such as love, loss and loneliness.

The Bohemyth – An online literary journal publishing Short Fiction + Poetry + Photography + Essays on a monthly basis that accepts submissions.


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