The Nearly Writer’s Diary

I have decided to chart 2013 in weeks to see the peaks and troughs throughout the year. I am intrigued by how moods, creativity and motivation fluctuate, and am indulging myself in this experiment to see what I discover about myself and my writing. It is part diary, part self-exploration.

Week 1

Week 1 – My 2013, week by week

week 2

Week 2 of my 2013  

number 3

Week 3 was a bumpy one

number 4

Week 4 was fuel injected

number 5

Week 5 was a feast

number 6

Week 6 was a struggle

number 7

Week 7 had me sleeping with Leonard Cohen

number 8

Week 8 was just what I needed

number 9

Week 9 was strangely reflective

number 10

Week 10 had me resembling a sloth

number 11

Week 11 had me roaming around a cemetery

number 12 on a bin

Week 12 was topsy-turvy

number 13

Week 13 gave me a mentor (and the chance at literary Boggle)

number 14

Week 14 was paint spattered

number 15

Week 15 smelt of freedom

number 16

Week 16 was ends and celebrations

number 17

Week 17 required mouth to mouth…but I found air

number 18

Week 18 allowed me to grow up

number 19

Week 19 was all about exploration

number 20

Week 20 threw me down a rabbit hole

number 21

Week 21 was a sun drenched slump

number 22

Week 22 was a return to childhood & an originality crisis

number 23

Week 23 promised a butterfly


Week 24 delivered a surprise & a bundle of laziness

number 25

Week 25 wrote me into submission


Week 26 showed me the error of my ways


Week 27 was a puddle of sunny catch-up happiness

number 28

Week 28 was a rollercoaster of shock, excitement and then shock again

number 29

Week 29 was a total wipeout


Week 30 was a meditation


Week 31 was a strike-filled funfair


Week 32 was a busy burst of stars, eggs and magic


Week 33 had me stuck on a hamster wheel


Week 34 welcomed a cuckoo



Week 35 was a gold rush



Week 36 was a bit Jekyll & Hyde

number 37


Week 37 was the start of a new reality









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